Our service

Bioscience industry supply chain IT as a platform, we have spirally developed simple ordering and promotion of marketing based on the ordering of “customers with researchers,” “maker that manufacture reagents, etc.” To promote the whole online, “LDB”, “DOG”, “BPM”, “SCM-BIO” We are developing such services.

DOG is to improve the efficiency of ordering between dealers and makers, LDB is for marketing of makers, BPM is to improve ordering efficiency between customers and dealers and support for customer research, and SCM-BIO is automated ordering for customers, distributors and makers. In addition, each has its own characteristics, and by combining these, we believe that a series of supply chains will be linked like a circle, which will promote Japanese bioscience research.


R&D/laboratory/researcher database. As a maker’s database marketing platform, we support maker’s sales strategy and various marketing.


Ordering between dealer and maker as an EDI platform, order information from the dealer is embedded in the maker’s core system.
Further, LDB Order information can be used as data for marketing to customers by linking with.


Order EDI platform between customers and dealers. With a product master from a major maker, you can place direct and smooth orders from retailers. In the future, we plan to implement the function as a marketing tool for makers.


A platform for automating the ordering business of dealers. By linking with the core system of the dealers, orders from customers are automatically linked to the maker.